The Modern Day Military School

When one thinks of military schools, many images come to mind--the frustrated parent threatening an unruly teenager, fearsome instructors barking out abusive orders, and an army of robotic students marching in step. Our collective image of what military schools (or indeed any boarding schools) are is a far cry from reality. Today's boarding military schools offer an environment in which motivated students can grow as students, leaders, and into responsible and disciplined adults.

Based in a rich tradition of military order and discipline, today's military schools for boys and military schools for girls are privately owned and operated institutions that prepare students for success in whatever military or civilian career path they choose. In a world where the perception of teenagers is the disrespectful, rebellious, violent, directionless, promiscuous loser addicted to drugs, military schools provide a place for today's teen to beat the odds and succeed in life.

While there are military schools for kids, some starting as early as elementary school, most military schools are for middle school and high school teens who are willing to commit to high standards of academics and personal conduct. Military schools shape their students into the leaders of tomorrow, teaching them military values such as respect for authority, respect for their peers, the value of discipline and self-discipline, and what it means to be accountable for your actions. It is not a place for parents to ship off their impossible sons and daughters as a last resort. Most military schools will only take willing students and can't "fix" teens who aren't willing to change.

Boarding military schools don't create mindless robots incapable of independent thought or creativity. Instead, they create a safe and predictable environment in which all students are treated with respect. It is a community in which much is expected of the individual but where everyone pitches in to accomplish common goals. Challenges foster growth as cadets learn to solve problems both individually and in teams. There is a rank structure in which upperclassmen take a greater leadership role but the ultimate goal is for all to succeed.

Although no private school tuition is cheap, free military school is possible through scholarships and grants. Schools will have different standards but help is available qualifying students. If boarding military schools seem like the right fit for you or your teen, specific information is available if you contact a military school directly.